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Guitar Tuners & Capos & Slides

Miami Sound recommends the use of a guitar tuner to keep you sounding great. Modern tuners are so easy to use – just clip them onto the headstock and they are ready to go all the time.

If you are not familiar with capos. They clip onto the guitar neck to, essentially, change the tuning of the guitar. This means that you can play the same familiar chord shapes if you are learning but be playing in a different key. Why is this handy? Well if you want to sing along while you play it can help you play in a key that your voice suits. Capos can be a really effective songwriting tool and for younger students, they can be used to “shorten” the guitar scale length, making larger guitars easier to initially learn on.

A more specialised guitar tool, Miami Sound carries a range of Dunlop guitar slides, all available to try to get the right sound for you.