Guitar Repairs Gold Coast

All guitars need a bit of looking after. From restringing and setups through to major refretting work, Miami Sound can help you out. We make sure that our work is done right first time.

We’ll provide you with a written quote, photograph any issues so we are all clear on what needs to be done and keep you informed and involved if there are any surprises along the way.

We keep a range of spares in stock to get your instrument back up and running as quickly as we can and always take the best of care of our patients :)

Price List

  • RESTRING: Clean Frets & Fretboard + Fit, Stretch & Tune New Strings (Strings Sold Separately)$25.00
  • RESTRING [FLOYD ROSE]: As Above for Guitar w/ Floating Tremolo (Floyd Rose)$55.00
  • SETUP: Restring (Strings Sold Separately) + Action/Clean/Tighten Hardware/Check Electronics/File Nut/Adjust Intonation (*Floyd Rose and guitars requiring additional troubleshooting $30 to $50 extra)$100.00 - $150.00
  • OUTPUT JACK: Replace Output Jack (Parts Included)$55.00 
  • MACHINE HEADS: Replace All Machine Heads + Restring (Machine Heads and Strings Sold Separately)$55.00
  • NUT REPLACEMENT: Replace Nut (Part Sold Separately)$55.00
  • SADDLE REPLACEMENT: Replace Saddle (Part Sold Separately)$55.00
  • VIOLIN RESTRING: Fit, Stretch & Tune New Strings (Strings Sold Separately)$25.00


Unfortunately, we do not replace or repair guitar switches, pots or pickups – we are happy to provide good referrals for that work and for more significant repairs.

Please feel free to call us for more information.

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