How do you know that a guitar is right for you? Well it’s either the one that you feel you are going to have to pick up and play everyday or it’s the one that, when you do play it, let’s you finish that phrase in your new song that you couldn’t quite get.

At Miami Sound we have a range of, mainly pre-loved, instruments. We sell guitars on consignment for customers and buy selected second hand instruments to resell. We always love to see instruments that have a story and are ready to have their next chapter written by you. Used guitars represent excellent value and are a great way to find something different from the main stream. Remember too that if you like to change guitars regularly that we sell on consignment which is a relatively inexpensive way of updating your guitar collection, but without the “relationship” challenges that can go with it :)

If you are new to guitar, second hand instruments can give you the opportunity to get a better quality guitar to start learning on and we also have some new guitars for students wanting to start on smaller bodied “classical” instruments.

At Miami Sound we want you to feel welcome to come in and try guitars out, in your own time and without us hovering over you. We believe that you need to take a little time to get a proper feel for a guitar. We also believe that the right guitar will sell itself to you. We are just here as a guide and to provide friendly advice as and when you need it. So whatever point you are at in your guitar life, pop in, have a seat and have a play. We look forward to hearing you.