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Electric Guitars

There is just something very cool about an electric guitar. Whether you are a fan of rock, pop, country, blues, metal, jazz or pretty much any other genre of music it’s well worth having a look at our range of pre-loved guitars. We have an ever-changing mix of instruments from Stratocasters to hollow bodied guitars and rock and metal machines like Schecters and Ltds. They are all worth having a play though, whatever your style! You’d be amazed at some of the clean tones that come out of our “rock machines” and some of the rockiest sounds that come out of the most innocent looking instruments.

There is nothing wrong with starting to learn guitar on electric either. A lot of people think that you should start on an acoustic and “move up” to electric later, but in our experience the guitar you want to play is the right one to start learning on! You have to want to pick it up and play it! For smaller hands they can be easier to learn on too, as the strings are generally easier to press down.

Take the time to have a look through our current range, pop into the store to try anything that you like the look of, or if interstate call or email for more information. Remember if you are looking to find a new owner for your current instrument, we sell on consignment and buy selected used instruments.